Breakthrough for Interwell’s technology team

Since 2012 hi-tech Interwell has been working on a ground-breaking solution for the abandonment of oil and gas wells, which is potentially a multi-billion-dollar market. The commercialisation of the first solutions for land-based wells is now being planned.


Norwegian business and industry are crying out for more digital expertise, and their need is urgent. DigitalNorway could be the solution. DigitalNorway came into being this summer and is now fully engaged in preparing Norwegian business and industry for the digital shift. Its aim is to create a platform that enables the sharing of knowledge and expertise as well as to encourage collaboration across companies and industries.

Investing in growth in high-voltage cables and cleaning equipment

The Danish companies NKT and Nilfisk, market leaders in high-voltage cables and cleaning equipment respectively, are the latest additions to Ferd Capital’s portfolio of stock exchange listed companies, with both companies having the potential for major value creation in different areas going forward.

Helsport and Swix: Stronger together

Swix Sport has acquired the entire share capital of the well-known company Helsport. The acquisition makes the Ferd-owned brand aggregator almost a complete supplier in the outdoor segment of the sports industry, which is to say a supplier of products for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

Built in record time

The work to assemble the three parts of the platform deck of the Johan Sverdrup platform was completed in record time. “This is the largest marine operation Aibel has ever carried out”, comments Stig Jessen, the project director.

Water for land-based fish farming

Fish farming in land-based facilities is growing quickly - along with the associated need for water treatment and recirculation. Ferd Special Investments and Broodstock Capital are therefore investing in the Danish company Billund Aquakulturservice, a global leader in the area.

Ferd partners with Fürst

Ferd partners with Fürst

Ferd is now taking its first steps in the healthcare sector by collaborating with Fürst Medisinsk Laboratorium. The aim is for the collaboration to expand Fürst’s services and markets.

Ferd invests in Boozt on its stock exchange debut

Ferd invests in Boozt on its stock exchange debut

Ferd has invested SEK 200 million in Boozt, an e-commerce company, giving it an ownership interest of 5.8%.

Ferd invests in fast-growing e-commerce company

Ferd invests in fast-growing e-commerce company

Ferd has taken a new stake in e-commerce. Boozt AB has today completed an initial public offering (IPO) of its shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. Ferd participated in Boozt’s IPO as a cornerstone investor, which means that prior to the IPO process Ferd guaranteed it would subscribe for SEK 200 million. As a result of this investment commitment Ferd now has a 5.8% ownership interest in the company. This is the first time Ferd has participated as a cornerstone investor in an IPO.

Fjord Line surging ahead

A record year for Fjord Line: 2016 was characterised by strong revenue growth which, combined with lower costs, had a big impact on the company’s bottom line. A number of investments are planned for this year to ensure Norway’s second-largest ferry company continues to make progress.

Ferd takes stake in online grocery retailer

Ferd has taken its first ever step in the grocery industry, with Ferd Capital having recently invested SEK 100 million in the Swedish online grocery retailer MatHem.

Ferd invests into improving fish health and sustainability within aquaculture

Ferd invests into improving fish health and sustainability within aquaculture

Ferd has, through an equity issue and market transactions, achieved an ownership in Benchmark Holdings Plc of approx. 17%. Benchmark contributes to improved fish health and sustainability across aquaculture species, through sales of specialised nutrition, genetics and health products.

Strategy and risk management under the spotlight

From time to time it is important for Ferd to take a look at how the group works and sets its priorities. And this autumn the time had come for a thorough review of the group’s overall strategy and risk management principles.

Aibel awarded the KIP job

On behalf of operator Gassco, Statoil today awarded Aibel a large scale upgrading job at the Kårstø facility. The contract is worth about NOK 200 million including the options.

Aibel won Dvalin

Today Aibel was awarded the modification assignment to ready the Heidrun platform to receive the production from the Dvalin field (formerly Zidane).

Aibel won Greater Enfield Project contract

Aibel Pte Ltd in Singapore has been awarded the E&P contract for modifications on Woodside Energy Ltd’s Nguijma-Yin floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) off Western Australia.

First Cut for Aibel in Thailand and Haugesund

Aibel started constructing the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform in Thailand and Haugesund last winter. Ceremonies were held to mark the 'first cuts' at both sites.

Ferd sells TeleComputing to IK Investment Partners

Ferd has today entered into an agreement to sell the IT services company TeleComputing to the London-based private equity company IK Investment Partners (‘IK’).


“We are seeing an increasing trend for large customers to want companies in the packaging industry to be able to deliver cartons for machines made by other companies. This constitutes a challenge for us – and we are meeting it by challenging our competitors ourselves”, comments Elopak’s Paul Sweeting in an interview with Ferd Magazine.

Ferd puts wind in the sails of Fjord Line

Ferd is expanding its portfolio and taking a stake in the ferry company Fjord Line. “Securing an owner with as much expertise as Ferd has is particularly valuable for us”, comments Peter Frølich, chairman of the Board of Directors of Fjord Line.

Aibel strengthens its M&M position

Today, Statoil has awarded Aibel a new M&M contract. Through the new agreement, Aibel will have continued responsibility for 12 offshore installations and four facilities, and will also be responsible for Aasta Hansteen.

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