Moving-in time for a new city development in green surroundings

Knut M. Tolo, Project Manager for Ferd Real Estate. 2209.jpg
The first residents of the Tiedemannsbyen residential project have now moved in to their apartments in the Hagekvartal development area. Since 95% of the units in this development have been sold, marketing of apartments in the next development area, Petersborg, will now start in September.

”Hagekvartal means the garden site in Norwegian, and it is a very appropriate name for this development. Hagekvartal features generous areas of green surroundings, with lawns, hedges and cherry trees around the rows of townhouses, and the apartment blocks are sited overlooking the centre of the site so that they enjoy good sunlight", explains Knut M. Tolo, Project Manager for Ferd Real Estate.

The first of the three construction phases for Hagekvartal was completed in early summer, with the open areas planted and ready for use, although for the moment these are securely fenced off from the areas of the site where phases two and three are still under construction.

"Phases two and three will be completed in stages between this autumn and next summer. In the meantime, the residents who have already moved in will be living alongside a construction site, but they were told about this from the outset. In return, these early purchasers benefited from the widest choice and attractive prices when they purchased their apartments", adds Knut M. Tolo.

Now that virtually all of the 199 residential units in the Hagekvartal development have been sold, work is already well under way for the start off-plan sales of units in the Petersborgkvartal development in September this year.

"The Petersborgkvartal development will offer apartments in a wide range of sizes from two to five rooms, and many of them will enjoy an elevated position with good views over the Ensjø area and the city", says Knut M. Tolo. He goes on to explain how proud he is that this is the first residential development to be exempted from the requirement to use the City of Oslo's district heating network - for the very good reason that Ferd Energy’s virtually CO2-neutral pellet-fired heating system is even more environmentally friendly.

”We have also put a lot of effort into making the units in the development very energy efficient. Our overall objective for the entire Tiedemannsbyen project is to bring together green surroundings with the benefits of an urban location in order to create a new district where the quality-minded and environmentally-aware residents of Oslo can enjoy living”, concludes Knut M. Tolo.

Click here for the article in Ferd Magazine 2-2012 (only in Norwegian).

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