Good start in 2018 for Ferd Invest

Good start in 2018 for Ferd Invest

Ferd Invest’s portfolio of Nordic listed shares has grown pleasingly so far in 2018 – after last year which did not go entirely smoothly.

Shares in the age of populism

We are living in politically turbulent times as exemplified by Brexit and Donald Trump, and this is having an impact on the world’s stock markets. But not in the way that most analysts had expected.

New Director of Ferd Invest motivated by competition

“I am motivated by competition and like being busy, both at work and at home”, comments Lars Christian Tvedt, who is father to three children and the new Director of Ferd Invest, in an interview with Ferd Magazine.

The after party for the bull market

We are now in the seventh year of rising share prices. But we have reached the stage in the cycle where a correction needs to be prepared for, according to Ferd Invest’s Lars Christian Tvedt, who can look back on 2014 as a year in which Ferd Invest achieved a positive return, even if not quite at the level targeted by this business area.

A time of opportunity in the stock market

In 20 years’ time, a long-term investor with nerves of steel may well look back on the middle years of the second decade of the 21st century as the perfect time for new investments …

Positive return from shares

Ferd Invest has achieved a decent return on its investments in Nordic shares over the last five years as a whole. Few other stock market participants can say the same.

Opportunities even in a time of crisis

A bad time for stock markets – but Ferd Invest has performed better than every Swedish equity fund and practically every Norwegian equity fund. Now Ferd Invest sees big opportunities in the wake of the financial crisis.

Ferd Invest takes a Nordic-wide approach

From Norwegian and Swedish to Nordic-wide: Ferd Invest has expanded its investment universe to include Danish and Finnish listed shares – and at the same time has merged its separate share portfolios into a single portfolio.

New strategy calls for additional expertise

Ferd Invest is strengthening its team - and is on the hunt for investments that still offer good potential even after the strong rally seen in the Norwegian stock market.

NOK 700 million better than the stock exchange benchmark

Over the three years from 2007 to 2009, Ferd Invest has generated a return that is approximately NOK 700 million better than the stock exchange benchmark indices used to measure the business area’s performance.

The art of stock picking

It seems likely that the worst of the turbulent conditions seen in the stock market is behind us. This means that it is now time to get back to looking for the best-run companies”, says Lars Christian Tvedt of Ferd Invest.

Well on the way with the SMB portfolio

Ferd Invest is extremely pleased with its decision to establish a SMB portfolio.

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