Ferd selects entrepreneurs offering a product or service that seeks to solve demanding social challenges in Norway in a new way. These entrepreneurs have to be able to demonstrate measurable social results and have a business model in place that will make their company financially sustainable over the coming years so that as many people as possible are able to benefit from the solution. The basic idea, the ability of the entrepreneur to implement the idea, interpersonal skills and motivation are also assessed.


Usually, Ferd will establish partnerships with one to three new companies every year. Ferd selects companies that are able to make the greatest difference and create excellent social results through close partnerships. The board of Ferd takes the final decision about whether a company should be offered a place in Ferd’s portfolio. The initial investment phase is called the basic period and lasts for one year. During this initial investment period Ferd and the selected company get to know each other and start work to consolidate the organisation. The companies that qualify for further extension of the partnership progress from basic period to portfolio. As part of Ferd’s portfolio, the companies usually receive support for three to six years. Work on growth and scalability is launched according to planned milestones. After the portfolio period, companies progress to an alumni position. In this period, Ferd is still available for consultancy and professional sparring, but companies are expected to be able to stand on their own feet.

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