Drive for Life

Kjør for Livet

Drive for Life is a different kind of free-time activity concept for children and young people.

Drive for Life uses cars and motorsport to attract the interest of children and young people in order to give them the experience of being part of a team where collaboration, learning and involvement play key roles. By being a member of a Drive for Life club, each child or young person becomes part of a team that works together and participates in activities and events that inspire and motivate.

Drive for Life is intended for children and young people who do not quite fit in elsewhere, or who find traditional leisure activities unrewarding. Drive for Life works closely with schools, the children’s social services and parents to give children and young people a new opportunity to build their own future.

Drive for Life intends to open several new clubs at various locations in Norway in 2011. Drive for Life sells membership of its clubs to the children’s social services.

To give children and young people the opportunity to create their own future.

DRIVE FOR LIFE's objective is to give children and young people enthusiasm for life - to inspire, motivate, and help them to believe in themselves and their own future.

FSE since: April 2011
Founders: Siri Mette Gynnild and Knut Ove Børseth (European motocross champions in 2009)
Also involved: Jan Tore Brustad, Nina Beate Solberg Susegg and Children's Social Services represented by Lena Hveding
Resources provided by the Ferd group: Carl Brynjulfsen, Director Ferd Real Estate

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