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Young Enterprise is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes entrepreneurship and creativity by giving school pupils and students hands-on experience of creating a business and establishing a company.

As the main sponsor of the Norwegian branch of Young Enterprise, Ferd provides support both financially and through personal and practical involvement, and also provides the annual Ferd Award for student companies.

Ferd’s involvement in Young Enterprise is a practical expression of the group’s vision to create enduring value and leave clear footprints – combined with a recognition that the future is entirely dependent on the innovation and entrepreneurship of future generations. It should also be noted that girls and pupils from minority groups are strongly represented among the pupils and students that participate in Young Enterprise, and over recent years more than 50% of the managers and directors of student companies have been female.

Young Enterprise runs educational concepts for high schools and colleges, as well as for secondary education at the university level, with the common theme of pupils or students setting up and running a student company for 12 months. Research shows that young people who participate in these schemes are twice as likely to go on and start up their own company in adult life. In addition, Young Enterprise helps to encourage a change in society's attitudes over time by introducing the business world into schools, as well as encouraging business and industry to get involved with the educational system.

Ferd supports Young Enterprise both financially and through the personal involvement of a sizeable number of employees from Ferd’s head office, business areas and associated companies who act as jury members for competitions, as well as providing practical support. In addition, Ferd’s CEO is a member of the Board of Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Europe, the European umbrella organisation for Young Enterprise.

Young Enterprise is supported by a number of major Norwegian business interests, organisations and the authorities.

Ferd Award
Our involvement in Junior Achievement - Young Enterprise also includes active participation as jury members during competitions organized by JA - YE and we have two Ferd Awards at the high school and university level in Norway.

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