• Atlas Kompetanse

    Atlas Kompetanse

    Atlas Kompetanse prevents exclusion among children and young people from minority backgrounds through supporting increased dialogue between newly-arrived parents and the Norwegian welfare system. Consultants at Atlas Kompetanse offer multi-cultural skills and speak the same languages as the parents. The consultants also have a professional background as teachers, social workers, child protection workers and social scientists. The company works to promote school-home partnerships and family guidance with schools and municipalities across Norway. Atlas Kompetanse was named Game Changer of the Year 2015 by Reach for Change.

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  • Barnas Plattform

    Barnas Plattform

    Barnas Plattform offers courses for parents where parents learn four simple and efficient tools for use in building up and maintaining self-confidence in children. Strong self-esteem is fundamental to a child thriving and feeling safe, strong, happy and satisfied. Self-confidence is also important in children’s academic work at school and in other challenges. The course is available to parents with children aged 3-12 and includes the Self-Confidence NOW app.

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  • Gammel Nok

    Gammel Nok

    Gammel Nok helps workers over the age of 50 to continue working for longer. It supplies older workers for temporary and permanent vacancies in the public and private sectors, and provides practical assistance and care services.

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  • Generation M

    Generation M

    Generation M creates relationships between generations by offering visiting services to elderly people living in nursing homes, assisted living homes and their own homes. The company’s ‘visiting friends’ are young people aged between 14 and 20 who complete activities for elderly people, either individually or in groups. Generation M was crowned Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2016.

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  • Intempo


    Intempo wants to improve public health in Norwegian municipalities through early initiatives aimed at addressing language, movement, safety and diet. Through the municipal project See All of Me, employees are trained to strengthen children’s brain development. The Bravo game, the company’s main product, is an innovative language stimulation tool that combines learning and play. The tool is a supplement to the teaching offered in nurseries and at home and contributes to broadening vocabulary, widening concept understanding and encouraging more confident linguistic awareness.

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  • Medarbeiderne


    Medarbeiderne was set up in order to create jobs for individuals with a history of substance abuse. The company collects glass and metal packaging, small electrical waste and clothes from businesses and households through various subscription schemes. Employees are recruited directly from drug rehabilitation programmes and are paid a standard salary from their very first day. Through the Hire an Employee service, they also provide other types of services such as collecting garden waste, planting trees, clearing up after flea markets, organising removals and cooking hamburgers at fashion shows. Medarbeiderne wants to show how previous substance abusers can become effective employees if they are given responsibilities and the support of a community and a clear framework.

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  • Minos


    Children and young people who struggle need quick and efficient help. Minos works to improve living conditions for children and young people with the aim of increasing quality of life, reducing skewed development and providing the right help at the right time. The company has developed innovative electronic collaborative and HSE systems to ensure effective and holistic help in cases of bullying, neglect and mental health problems. The Okei IT solution is a digital collaborative arena for those working with children and young people such as employees, carers and professionals in schools, youth education and further learning environments.

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  • No Isolation

    No Isolation

    No Isolation creates communication tools to help end loneliness and social isolation among vulnerable groups in society. The products are developed based on concrete and unmet needs, and the company involves its users at all stages of the process, from ideas on the drawing board to production. No Isolation cooperates closely with other companies, charities and the public sector.

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  • Unicus


    Unicus tests and quality-assures IT systems and stands out from other providers by only employing consultants suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. The positive aspects of autism, such as focus on detail, precision, structure and a systematic approach, provide excellent results for clients. Unicus bases its business on the strengths and interests of its employees and focuses on possibilities instead of limitations. Some people with Asperger’s Syndrome are particularly skilled within their area of interest. For Unicus, the skills and interests of its employees have become a competitive advantage. Ferd Social Entrepreneurs acquired 37% of the company in 2016.

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