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Johan H. Andresen is using Twitter as a new communication channel with the user name FerdCEO
Johan H. Andresen jr. wishes to make a bigger contribution to the public debate on social issues – and this now includes posting his views on Twitter, where he can be found with the user name FerdCEO.

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“Credibility is one of the four corporate values that form the foundation for how Ferd operates. It is essential for our credibility that we demonstrate openness in our relationship with the media and the outside world as a whole”, explains Johan H. Andresen jr., Ferd’s owner and Chief Executive Officer, who has recently started to use Twitter as a new channel to communicate directly his thoughts, ideas and reflections. 

“I have found it easy to get involved in using Twitter, and I intend to tweet about a broad range of issues. However, I am putting myself forward as Ferd’s owner and CEO, and the topics I choose will of course reflect this. Social entrepreneurship is one area where I hope to encourage greater interest through my tweets. It is high time for the Norwegian population to put social partnership higher on its agenda”, he says. 

Tweets from Davos
Mr. Andresen is in Davos this week as a participant in the World Economic Forum, and looks forward to sharing his impressions and reflections with his Twitter ‘followers’. 

“I expect to meet some fascinating people in Davos and look forward to participating in some important debates. I welcome the opportunity to share my experience through Twitter. I want to encourage interest in what I have to say without being too formal all the time”, says Johan H. Andresen.

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