Ferd and Credo Partners establish partnership for future investments in small and medium sized companies

Credo Partners and Ferd establish a financial partnership, where Ferd will become the largest financial investor in Credo’s future portfolio companies.

Credo has since 2003 developed companies in demanding situations, and has established a leading position in Norway for investments and value creation in small and medium sized companies. Many small and medium sized companies in Norway and the Nordics have good market positions in attractive niche segments, but lack the competence and resources to develop into large and professional business systems. Credo’s investment philosophy and methodology are tailored to the opportunities and needs of these companies.

Credo focuses on companies with sales of between NOK 100 and 500 million, facing significant value creation opportunities. Investors participate directly into with new equity through each investment, and its this future equity that Ferd will become part of. The cooperation between Credo and Ferd provides Ferd with attractive financial exposure to SMB-businesses, and does not compete with Ferd’s own direct investments in larger companies.

Credo is backed by a broad group of individual investors with industrial competence and networks, and Ferd will now become the largest of these financial investors. The cooperation with Ferd will strengthen Credo’s investment platform significantly, and enable Credo to develop even more businesses going forward.

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